This is the video that I made for Echo Lake, that was somewhat famously shot on the Microsoft Kinect. The band were recorded separately with the Kinect plugged into a MacBook Pro. The laptop was running a piece of custom software (written in Cinder by my friend and colleague Dom Jones) that wrote out the depth and RGB images to separate ‘TIFF stacks’. Once we’d shot the footage I began to build on the work of Flight 404 (who wrote the original Kinect drivers for Cinder) to manipulate the images into one ‘world’.


“Young Silence rattles along nicely, all agitated guitars and sweetly crooned vocals, but the real star is the video. Created by film-maker Daniel Nixon it was made using the Microsoft Kinect (a “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” for the Xbox 360). We’re none too technical, but apparently Nixon somehow hacked the console to create these weird visuals, and very nice it is too.”
The Guardian

"In the space of a few days this video for new fuzzy-guitar merchants Echo Lake by Brighton-based filmmaker Dan Nixon has gone viral in a big way, and its not hard to see why."
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