Xmas GIF 2015

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This year’s Christmas GIF.  As usual, made with After Effects.  Ably assisted by the After Effects plugin Newton which I used for the physics simulation on the balls in the ‘Y’.

Testing for Young Silence

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Here’s an early test of the Kinect and syncing sound (hence the clap at the beginning). The Kinect libraries we were using didn’t record audio at the time so the sound was recorded straight into a laptop (if I remember right).

The fact that this worked was a big deal when it came to proving that we could make the Young Silence video.  The shoot itself was essentially the band miming to a playback of their single.  So, if the sync slipped because of the way the Kinect or the recording software worked, then making the video would have become exponentially harder.

Oh, and that’s me in the old Fractured Films offices, falling over my words…